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The Area’s Most Comprehensive Home Inspections - Serving Cincinnati, Mason, & Dayton, Ohio

Partial Home Inspections in Mason, Ohio and surrounding areas

Custom / Partial Inspections

Looking for something other than a full home inspection?

Have questions about a particular system or area of your home?

Have a problem with your home but don’t know what it causing it?

Need someone to verify that the work being done by a contractor is correct?

At HomePro, we perform custom and partial inspections that are tailored to your individual needs.  Simply give us a call and we’ll put together a customized inspection plan and quote for you over the phone.

Price: $120 for up to an hour
            $200 for up to two hours

Here’s just a few examples of when you might need a custom inspection:

  • You have a water leak and need help finding it’s source
  • You’re buying a property that needs major renovations and you only need a few items like the foundation and general structure inspected
  • You’re getting water in your basement and you want to confirm where the water is coming from and what you should do to fix it
  • You just had a new roof put on and you want someone to double check it
  • Your master bedroom always feels colder than the rest of the house and you want to know how to correct it

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