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Condo & Townhouse Home Inspections in West Chester, Ohio and surrounding areas

Condo / Townhouse Inspection Packages

Condos and townhouses are inspected in the same manner as a single-family home.  The main difference is the common areas of the property, which are normally owned and maintained by an association, are not inspected.  The common areas typically include the roof, the exterior, shared hallways, shared laundry areas, etc.  Since you are not responsible for these areas, they are not part of the inspection.  In addition, the termite inspection is limited to just the unit being inspected.

Condos & Townhouses

    Interior Only Inspection

    2-3 Hour Inspection

    Covering the

      - Foundation & Structure
      - Heating & Cooling Systems
      - Electrical System
      - Plumbing System
      - Full Interior
      - Doors & Windows
      - Fireplaces
      - Kitchen Appliances
      - Garage
      - and more

(A $300 Value)

    Infrared Scan

    A complete interior scan using a thermal imaging camera.

(A $150 Value)

    Termite Inspection

(A $90 Value)

    Visual Mold Inspection

(A $120 Value)

    Recall Check

    A search of CPSC records for any safety recalls.

(A $30 Value)

    Apartment Style Units:  $240
    Multi-Level Units:  $295

    (A $690 Value)

Additional Services

  Radon Testing:  $120

    48 hour electronic test

(A $150 Value)

  Mold Testing:  $135

    Includes 2 indoor and 1 outdoor air sample

(A $300 Value)

Attics and Basements

The attic and/or basement will be inspected if they are accessible through the unit that you are purchasing.  If you have an attic access panel in your unit, the attic space above your unit will be inspected.  Likewise, if your unit includes its own basement area, then it will be inspected as well.

Is this right for me?

You should choose a condo or townhouse inspection when the common areas of the building are owned and maintained by an association.  However, if an association does not exist, or you will be responsible for any of the roof or exterior, you will need one of the inspections listed on the Single-Family Home page.

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Thermal Imaging
 See What You’ve Been Missing


This leak inside the wall of a 3-story apartment building is easily seen using an Infrared camera.

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